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Oil Filter
Oil Filter
Ø        Effective filtering fried oil of aerosols impurities, obviously improved fried environment;
Ø        Inhibition of fried oleic acid increased to prevent oxidation;
Ø        Greatly extend the period of fried oil;
Ø        To improve the quality and appearance of fried food;
Ø        Rate of Flow (L/min)£º30
Ø        Oil Pump (L/min)£º63
Ø        Mode: Unmovable;
Ø        Size of Vacuum Room (mm): ¦Õ595
Ø        Filtering Area (M2)£ºThree Pieces 0.62£»Five Pieces 1.03£»
Ø        Pile Diameter (inch): Inlet 1.5£»Outlet 1£»
Ø        Filter Papers (piece/once)£ºThree Pieces 3£»Five Pieces 5£»
Ø        Filter Compound (kg): Three Pieces 0.4-0.8£»Five Pieces 1.2£»
Ø        Power£º1.1Kw;
Ø        Weight: Three Pieces 160KG; Five Pieces 180KG;
Size£ºThree Pieces  850*850*1000mm£»Five Pieces 850*850*1100mm
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